Paciotty Clippers was birthed out of passion from being an untrained barber to a self trained one, and by experimenting with my son's hair.

The creative art of barbing is by having the best clipper to support the perfect pictures in customer's mind and how a perfect grooming should be.

Every creative barber deserves quality grooming clippers to showcase their talents, hence why we researched on the best clippers and came up with our brands. 

We provide the best clippers for more detailed hair cut  for babies, young children and adults. 

Our brand is excellent, unique, and unisex as we are mindful of what our customer  desires.

Our Story

Barber’s Grooming Tips
Having a perfect shave is beautiful, it brings out the beauty and confidence to radiate charms. 
First step: Unpack clipper from the box, apply a little oil on the clipper blade. 
Second Step: Wear the barbing apron and plug the clipper. 
Paciotty Clippers CEO.
Set the clipper blade so it does not leave a mark or cut on the customer's hair, face or beard.


Having a mirror mounted on the wall is good as customer's can see the style been created by the barber. 

Lather Up
Shaving can be done using blade or clipper depending on customers request. 
Shaving Powder is effective, shaving foam can also be used. 

It is important to get the skin moisturized after having a fresh shave to prevent from bumps and skin irritations.

Our range of  aftershave lotions and balms are gentle on the skin and can prevent bumps as our product are for all skin types.